``Quality is just one of our talents ...``

To develop new technologies in line with the demands coming from beekeeping by closely following the developing world technology and the equipment to be used in the beekeeping industry.

To produce equipment that can fully meet the needs of our country beekeeping industry.

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İnci Beekeeping History

Company History


The services we provided to the beekeeping sector continued until 1985, when your father, Şerafettin KOCABAY, started to trade as wax after 1982.


Since the second half of 1985, our family started honey trade in addition to candle manufacturing. Our family, which has provided important services to beekeeping sector in the past years regarding honey and beeswax, has focused on the honey and wax trade since the 1990s with the developing market conditions.

İNCİ BEEKEEPING was established in 1996 as a family company.

İnci Arıcılık Ltd. Sti. and Beekeeping Supplies Start Production. In 1996, it started to offer beekeeping materials manufacturing service in order to respond to quality product requests in the beekeeping industry.


İnci Arıcılık Ltd Şti. As a family company in 1996, it has written its name in the beekeeping sector by counting quality and trust as the principle with its long years of experience and knowledge. Since the beginning of the 2000s reached their capacity to counter beekeeping throughout Turkey.

It has been renewed with R&D studies and has become ready to produce all kinds of beekeeping equipment that may be desired today. Thus, European markets except for Turkey, the Middle East, the Balkans and the world has reached a level that will serve the demands from many countries. In the facility located in Aydın Çine, we have beekeeping equipment, honey and beeswax production area. Thus, our company, which is based on the safety and quality of the products, has International CE and ISO quality as well as TSE qualification certificates and provides sustainable production and bee in the awareness of its responsibility towards nature and people without sacrificing the professional business discipline.